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SignBird: Birmingham, AL.

SignBird assists out of home companies with websites, photography and marketing materials.  Billboard Insider talked with SignBird’s founder John James.

Where have you been this month?

This month we have had projects all over the country, but we’d like to highlight a project we completed right in our own backyard. Our friends over at NewView Outdoor had just built a back-to-back digital unit on Hwy 280 just south of downtown Birmingham, AL.

What did you do for New View?

We completed photo and video work of the location editing it all into a Billboard Video Proposal.  NewView Outdoor uses this video to help market their digital billboard to national and local advertisers highlighting traffic and the surrounding area. During the video, key selling points are given to educate advertisers on the strengths of the location. You can see the finished video project below.  Special thanks to Steve Sarkady and the NewView Outdoor team.

Feel free to reach out to us directly to find out more on how SignBird can visit your market or design an advertiser friendly website that creates opportunity. Visit our own website at www.signbird.io or call us directly at 256-509-9730.

You can watch a copy of the video Signbird prepared for NewView Outdoor here.

Article source: https://www.billboardinsider.com/where-is-signbird-this-month/

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