OutdoorLink is the industry leader for providing remote control of billboard lighting, digital displays, and LED fixture installations for the Out of Home Advertising industry. The SmartLink System allows operators to ease the problems of escalating utility costs, customer complaints due to illumination issues, and continuously increasing maintenance expenses that affected the industry as a whole.

With more than two-decades of Industry experience, Stark Capital specializes in financing and brokerage-services to the OOH Industry. Stark Capital has successfully completed over 400 transactions assisting small to regional sized Billboard operators with their growth initiatives.

signdash, llc

Sign Dash, LLC is a North Georgia based company that specializes in cloud-based software for the billboard and digital signage industry. Founded in 2012, Sign Dash has worked with many billboard and digital signage companies to create solutions to improve proficiency and accountability.

The Sign Dash software platform brings an outdated industry into the modern age. The days of keeping paper files and complex spreadsheets are over. Sign Dash not only allows you to have access to advertiser records from any connected device, it allows a sales team to see real-time availability of billboard inventory.


Skoop Signage is a cloud-based digital signage software. Users remotely control various content playing on their network of screens. Have a digital signage project? Let’s chat!

Camel City Posters

Camel City Posters offers a variety of advertising solutions to help build your brand, increase your exposure in the marketplace, and spread your message to the masses. No matter where you want to advertise your business, we can make it happen. We are not just a billboard printer, we can print almost anything! Think outside of the box and get creative!


Vinyl Billboards • Eco Posters (SSPs) • 30-Sheet & 8 Sheet Posters • Trivisions-Rigid and PSV • Backlit Vinyl • Wild Postings • Wallscapes-Building Wraps • Billboard Imprints / Name Plates • Pressure Sensitive Signage • Transit / Bus Shelters •  Street Furniture • Reflective Vinyl Billboards • Interior Transit & Rail Cards • LED Lighting on Billboards • 3D Projects • Bus Side Advertising (King , Queen, King Kong)

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