birds eye view of billboard

The Importance of Showing The Whole Picture

By Javier Ortega, Marketing Coordinator, SignBird

When you imagine a picture of a billboard, what do you see? A rectangle with your company’s artwork? Some metal beams holding it up? Maybe some lights if you are imagining it at night?

While that is technically an image of a billboard, is that really the entire story that needs to be told? Traffic, stoplights, commercial activity, a major city skyline, perhaps people walking by…

SignBird’s mission is to market for and add value to each and every billboard we come in contact with. It’s easy to get in your car and snap a quick photo…but it’s extremely dangerous and can’t tell the entire story of what makes that billboard so valuable.

By introducing the use of drone photography and video, SignBird is able to create high quality content of your OOH inventory as well as highlight the surrounding environment. Our team gathers these materials for our clients and creates a SignBird Marketing Package that equips you to market your inventory to advertisers. You can see an example of a SignBird Marketing Package below:

If your billboard inventory needs a marketing upgrade, feel free to reach out to us directly to find out more on how SignBird can visit your market or design an advertiser friendly website that creates opportunity. You can check out one of those websites here or here.

To see some of the other cool projects we’ve been working on, visit our website at or call us directly at 256-509-9730

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