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The Importance of Quality Sign Pictures on Your Website

By Noah Bisceglia, Client Relationship Specialist, SignBird

As someone new to the out-of-home industry, I’m shocked by the hundreds of outdoor websites I’ve visited in the last three months.

Billboards are an entirely visual advertising medium, yet websites are full of bland stock photos and grainy Google Street images; nothing that actually highlights the billboard. And long paragraphs describing the features of a sign? It’s like watching a movie and describing it to a friend. Distilling a visual experience into a paragraph never does it justice.

Why should we care?

First let me ask: why are books being abandoned for Netflix and Youtube?

People are reading less because they can be entertained and educated in other ways. We’re wired to prefer visual processing. It’s more efficient, less effort.

You remember the old writing adage: show, don’t tell. I guarantee we can’t “tell” our way past 4-6% of the advertising spend. We must show them. Best-in-business visual marketing is a tool in your repertoire to make your inventory stand out.

SignBird’s mission is to use people’s preference for visual processing to the OOH industry’s advantage. Rather than relying on advertisers’ imaginations to fill in the cars, traffic lights, and shopping malls, we can show them what your boards look like with a blue sky and rush-hour traffic.

Now, I contend that any effort put toward giving signs the presentation they deserve is good for the industry, whether or not you use SignBird. But it’s why we exist, and we’re pretty good at it.

If our work piques your interest and your inventory needs a marketing upgrade, feel free to reach out to us directly to find out more on how SignBird can visit your market or design a great website that creates sales opportunities. You can check out one of those websites here.

To see some of the other cool projects we’ve been working on, visit our website at, email me or call me directly at 503-777-1477.

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