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Insider has several readers who use SignBird to produce quality out of home sign pictures and video.  Insider talked with SignBird’s Founder John James .

So John, what is SignBird?

SignBird is an out-of-home service company headquartered in Alabama. We partner with billboard companies nationwide producing valuable content that helps sell billboard ad space. We do this by utilizing professional/state-of-the-art photography, videography, aerial drone technology, and web design. We showcase your billboards.

Why did you start SignBird?

We started SignBird to help out-of-home companies solve a problem we discovered inside both the large corporate company and the independent operator. The problem is…poor out-of-home content that does not impress advertisers. One of the most time-consuming activities for sign owners is to take photos/video of their billboards. And when they finally get there the equipment they’re using is average at best (maybe a cellphone?), and photo quality is dependent upon the user behind the camera. SignBird’s mission is to challenge the way out-of-home is proposed to advertisers and increase the value of a billboard with professionally produced content and web design.

Why should outdoor advertising companies consider using SignBird?

There were projections made last year that the programmatic digital out-of-home spend will more than double year over year, totaling $181.6 million. If these projections are correct, that figure could reach $533.8 million by 2022.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the ones executing these programmatic buys. They’re sitting in front of a computer screen clicking away purchasing programmatic ad space all over the country. They don’t have the time, or at least most don’t, to buy a plane ticket and fly to the top 50 DMAs in the country to evaluate boards in person. Because of this, they are presented with a photo of a board supplied by the actual billboard company, and if there isn’t a photo or the photo was taken 10 years ago, they go to Google Maps and try to maneuver their mouse around to see what they’re investing in. (And by the way, Google Maps isn’t focused on producing high-quality photos of your billboard). This painstaking process is decreasing efficiency and transparency to both the advertiser and operator. And because of this, there is a lack of trust.

SignBird produces a collection of high-quality photos, a “dashcam drive-by” video from the perspective of the driver, and aerial drone footage showing the surrounding environment of each billboard face in your market. Not only that, but SignBird offers a place for all of your content to be hosted and maintained with a creative and user-friendly website.

Why do you believe video is so important in helping sell out-of-home to advertisers?

Video engages advertisers. Instead of having just a static picture of a billboard, why not have an engaging video from different angles/perspectives? Let’s show advertisers the view from behind the wheel of a car, an aerial drone video showing off the busy intersection and bumper to bumper traffic. A billboard video proposal is a game-changer and allows advertisers to fully experience how their potential investment will be working for them.

Is there anything else you would like readers to know about SignBird?

We believe at the end of the day the most important factor that plays into any sale, is trust. High-quality proposal content not only sells ad space but also builds trust with advertisers. Our mission is to help out-of-home grow by creating valuable content our clients will use to grow their business and build this trust with advertisers. You can check out our website here,, and follow us on social media to see some of the exciting projects we’ve been working on.

Here is an example of some work we have completed.


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