SignBird Can Repurpose Your Drone Video for OOH Marketing

SignBird, an out-of-home service company, helps operators create content that’s designed to sell billboard ad space. Whether it’s ride sheet design, photography, aerial drone videography, or website design, SignBird is an out-of-home marketing engine that’s on a mission.

Billboard Insider caught up with John James, Founder/President, to hear how billboard operators are responding to SignBird’s services. “We’ve had great responses from operators this quarter. From San Jose, CA all the way to Philadelphia, PA the out-of-home industry is buzzing!”

“What we’ve discovered is that some billboard companies have already made investments into drone video footage of their inventory. We were approached and asked that instead of traveling and producing a Billboard Video Proposal, would we consider editing one from existing footage the client already had? Of course we would!”

We wanted to take the opportunity to communicate with your readers to let them know that if they have existing video footage of a billboard location, but not the time or resources to edit, let’s chat! Happy to take a look and see if we can help. You can follow us on social media here, or visit our website to get connected.  Here some video footage of a TN Valley Media billboard which Signbird produced.


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