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5 Reasons to Invest in Better Sign Pictures and Video

Many out of home companies don’t allocate enough resources to help their sales team impress potential advertisers. Quality photos and sign video pay for themselves.

Here are a 5 reasons why you should invest in better sign pictures and video.

It Makes You An Expert

A quality proposal makes you an expert.  Great pictures and video demonstrate you know what you’re doing.  If you market your billboards well, an advertiser will be more likely to trust you to tell their story well.

It makes it easier to fill vacancies.

Great pictures and video stay with you, forever. If you have inventory that’s 100% occupied, that’s fantastic! But what about the day it isn’t.  Having great photos and video in hand will make remarketing quicker.   Are struggling on deciding what to share on social media or your email campaigns? Why not create a “Billboard Of The Week” campaign that’s sole purpose is to remind followers who you are and the value your billboard locations have. That picture/video needs to impress and worth someone’s time to review. Use your portfolio of content to accomplish this. Continue building the reputation that your company is out there working 24/7/365 for advertisers.

It freshens your marketing

Have you been doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results? Why not diversify your sales strategy to reach new advertisers? Instead of having the same conversations with the same advertisers who never budge, put your new drone video or drive by video in front of them. Listen to the reactions! If Out-of-Home engages more people in less time than any other medium, then let’s create content of our inventory that gets advertisers excited about that fact! You may find that you’re planting the seed of Out-of-Home in the minds of prospects who have been critics for years. We need to win new advertisers, it’s the lifeblood for long-term sustainable growth.

It promotes your company brand.

Your company’s brand is not your company’s logo. It is the promise of a distinct, and memorable experience. What are your advertisers going to experience when they decide to advertise their business on your billboard? You need to show them, before the post date, what they will be experiencing…using YOUR billboard. This is done by putting professional proposal content in front of them to review and help make their decision. Everyone wants a great experience, right? Your proposal content should be showing them what their positive experience would be.

It Saves Time

A picture is worth a thousand words.  We’ve all heard that statement. But what about, “A billboard video is answers a thousand questions…”. Think about the questions you and your sales team answer each day from potential prospects. What if your proposal answers these questions? A few questions a Billboard Video Proposal from SignBird will answer…“Where is the billboard located?” “How many impressions?”, “Come on…do people really drive by that board?”, “Aren’t there trees in front of that sign?”, “Is that a static or digital board?”, etc.  You’ll be answering questions before they’re even asked. Saving you time, developing a more efficient sales process, and building another level of trust with advertisers.

Is there something you think we missed? Do you already have unique ways you’re proposing inventory? We want to hear about it! Email us at, visit us at, or follow us on social media, click here.


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